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College EDs

anything from anorexia to COE

College students with eating disorders
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This community was made in response to a lacking mod over at ana_in_college. There had been a lot of recent trouble and overall, the community had lost a lot of it's charm.

Aside from that, the title was a bit misleading. This community will involve discussion about all eating disorders. You can feel comfortable posting here whether you're anorexic, bulimic, orthorexic, EDNOS, COE, BDD, or etc. The only difference is that this community is moderated, so you'll have to request membership. This will make it a lot easier to keep the peace, at least I think so.

I figure I'll set up some basic "rules" just to keep everything in order:

1. Don't post destructive entries or ask questions on how to further damage yourself. If you're here because you have an eating disorder, you shouldn't need help. This rule isn't as strict as it sounds. Asking questions about fasting, certain foods, ways to beat cravings, etc are acceptable. I just don't want to see anything stupid, and I'm sure you all will agree.

2. No drama, please. Don't start petty arguments based on he said/she said things. Debating is fine, even being bitchy is fine, but let's be mature here.

3. When you join, introduce yourself. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just hoping to create a friendly and activeenvironment.

4. Don't bash yourself too much. We're here for support, and I'm sure everyone here will be disappointed in themselves at some point, but no depressing, suidical posts, please; if you need to vent, that's fine, but please put it under an lj-cut.

5. Friends-only or not will be up to you. I prefer friends-only, but if you're all right with your posts being public - go for it. I disabled anonymous posting, and I track IPs, so we shouldn't have too much trouble.

Applicants: If there are no entries in your livejournal or no information in your personal info by which I can judge whether or not this community will benefit by your admittance, you will not be accepted. I have recently turned down MULTIPLE applications because there was simply no information on the applicants avaliable in their livejournals that indicated whether or not the aforementioned had eating disorders, and I don't like having to do that, so please do not apply unless you actually post (at least sometimes!) in your livejournal and/or have personal information that indicates the nature of your eating issues. If you don't have any personal information in your user info that I can use to evaulate your application and all of your posts are friends-only, then feel free to friend me so that I can see your entries.


-- Have zero entries in your livejournal. I understand that everyone's livejournal has to start somewhere, but it is not uncommon for trolls to have blank livejournals, so I view blank ljs as a warning sign.

-- Have nothing in your userinfo or posts that indicates whether you actually have an ED (and as I said earlier, I understand preferring to keep posts of a sensitive nature friends-only; however, if I can't see any evidence, I'm not going to add you).

-- Are just on a damn diet and you know it. You may slip under the wire initially, because if there's any information at all I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I will figure it out sooner or later and that will be the end of that. I know it's pointless to even say this, but it has been said, so if the shoe fits, you've been warned.

That should do it. Most of all, enjoy, and don't be scared to contact me about anything you may wonder about. Welcome!

Moderator: __illuminata