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College students with eating disorders

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finally [Oct. 2nd, 2006|12:59 am]
College students with eating disorders


hey girls...ok so now I get to post! It's a new month! And I started off well....I've started my fast as of 7pm this evening. My plan is to have tons of water/ sauce (like apple sauce)...if not maybe a piece of fruit..or even a slim fast by the middle of the day so it holds my hunger....and workout a lot...I mean like burn 2000 calories in one day just by exercise...Im not gonna workout everyday just so I dont pass out....but I mean it by saturday morning I will be at 123.....

Dandelion, you have motivated me soo much ;) congrats girly! stay strong.

And all the girls I have been chatting with on AIM, thank you all so much you have inspired me and its great to know when I wanna give up I can just go to my bl and with one click talk to someone...

Here comes the fast...Im so excited and I really cant wait to lose. That whole entry before was my bf really getting on my ass...about losing weight and how I need to eat more and I shouldnt fall back into old ways but what he doesnt know is that Ive been falling back for the past four months. It has been on and off but now Im really sick of looking the way I do and feeling the way I do that the only way to make me feel better is to restrict and fast. Its the only thing I can do to make myself satisfied. And it makes me feel great. When I wake up and I see numbers have gone down I feel like I can conquer the world...

It means so much to me to get back to 90. Thats all I want for christmas. I want to be able to fit into all my old clothes that I have saved just for that purpose. I want to be able to go to hollister and wear the xs...I want to be able to look amazing in my victoria secret panties and bra. I wanna feel confident. Forget working hard at it...fasting and restricting is me working hard at it.

I miss the moments where my boyfriend said "wow I can feel your hip bones popping out" sure he said he didnt like it but thats what I want.

So tomorrow this is my fast: water all day and have a slim fast around 1...and somewhere I will fit in a yogurt and thats it...

thats around 220 calories...which will be burned off...ew 220 thats a lot I wish I could go eating no calories...and be fine...

alright girls I wish you all the best of luck...rem its a new month, a new beginning!